Modular Motor

High requirements on the engine technology (fuel consumption and pollutants) require intensive research activities to obtain a better understanding of the combustion process and to supply trend-setting solutions for engine developers.

Single cylinder research engine can be used for research purposes at Universities as well as in the Automotive Industry. This development tool helps engine developer to carry out variety of tests for example on combustion system, fluid mechanic and acoustic appearance.

Our Single Cylinder research engine, which called “modularMotor” is robust and work reliable for applying experimental and development work in combustion, emissions, performance wear, fuel and lubricants. It features also a high flexibility and variability which enhanced the efficiency of its use.

The “modularMotor” fulfills the requirements of a modern Single Cylinder Research Engine that was designed as a state of the art development. Many years of experience in this field made this engine possible.

The modularMotors posses several variabilities, that facilitate test bench operating, such as:

-variable compression ratio
-variable cam shaft phasing
-fully variable valve train
-adjustable crank shaft offset

For optical analysis Dogu Motor offers single cylinder engines with different optical access depths, like:

-plug-in combustion chamber window
-glass cylinder
-glass cylinder with roof form
-elongated piston with glass bottom

Working with Dogu Motor engines is made comfortable and quick by several automatization steps for assembly, disassembly and cleaning.

Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding our single cylinder research engine for passenger car size “M010” and/or for commercial diesel size “M100 + M200” and our large Bore Reasearch Engines “M500”. We would be appreciated to inform you.