Dogu Motor offers test cell containers for dyno run and analysis of combustion engines.

Engine test cell container:
The test cell containers are equipped with a double ground floor including an oil catch up system which eases daily work. All walls, including the doors, roof and bottom are well isolated. So it is ensured that the engine noise will always remain at a very low and comfortable level, even at high rpm. All types of containers are connected to an efficient venting system with air in/out ventilation.


To simplify engine exchange, the container is equipped with a crane system at the top, which is purpose built, so that it takes very little space. This enables the precise mounting of heavy test engines (up to 1200 kg) with great ease.

For the test engine, drive shaft and the engine brake, a common frame is used (dimension 900 x 2700 mm). This frame is isolated from the container bottom by rubber brackets to reduce NVH emission. The maximum component weight for this frame is 2500 kg.








Test cell auxiliary container:

the auxiliary container houses the frequency converter, external charging system, air conditioning system, oil/water supply, fuel supply and conditioning and further subsystems. The connection to the engine test cell container is enabled by sealed openings which allows fast separation if needed and prevents noise harassment.