Quality Management

4.1 Set-up of Quality Management Systems

4.2 Quality Management in Product Development Process

Set-up of Quality Management Systems

The quality has become a key competitive factor for all participants in a hard-fought market. Even small and medium enterprises (SME) will get benefits by the introduction of a quality management system – whether through reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction or enhance their perception in the market.

A QM system qualifies the processes of an enterprise, independent of the market and products in which he operates and summarize them in a quality manual. An auditor of an accredited certifier verifies that the process flows and procedures described in the quality manual and instructions comply with the reality and whether the relevant procedures fully described. The quality requirement applies not only to organizational processes, but attaches particular importance to the customer and employee satisfaction.

A QM system is not required by the authorities, for suppliers and service providers it is often necessary in order to get involved in a project or business. In addition to the ISO 9000:2000 there are other standards for determining the level of quality, such as the ISO / TS 16949:2002, QS 9000, VDA 6.1 and EFQM. We would be pleased to support you while introducing a quality management system. You will get information on creating a quality manual and we will give you an overview of the certification bodies. Please feel free to contact us for any kind of information and questions.

Quality Management in Product Development Process

The ISO / TS 16949:2002, QS 9000 and VDA 6.1 demanded APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) is a structured process for product quality forecasting. When APQP is applied in the beginning stages of production, necessary changes should be detected early and finally excessive effort and time loss can be corrected. The standard book called APQP was created by the Chrysler, Ford, General Motors Supplier Quality Requirements Task Force. It provides a guide for the early planning phase and development phase to process analysis. Thus it constitutes a directive for the preparation of plans and checklists to help ensure that the product quality of advance planning is being carried out by the supplier.

In advanced product quality planning there is a structured method with standardized tools (FMEA, QFD, Quality Management Plan, etc.) which ensures that all the required flow steps are completed. As a result of that process the product fits to the customer requirements and so the customer is satisfied. The tools which are used during QM process such as chronology, the application of tools and the execution of individual steps may vary. The result of product quality advance planning is the creation of QM plans.

In order to set up APQP manual certain interdisciplinary program teams (engineering, purchasing, production, logistics, quality assurance, supplier, marketing) should be established. After that the clarification and verification of tasks, the described procedures and techniques in reference manual APQP should be done, with the particularly focus on:

– development and establishment of key features (Key-Characteristics). For these features separate process control measures need to be initiated.

– feasibility study: Above all, together with the supplier, the manufacturability of parts must be verified and documented (Designs, Materials, Processes, Feasibility studies etc.)

– Process-FMEA: Taking into account the specific characteristics need for an early error prevention process FMEAs must be implemented.

– QM-Plan (control plan): QM plans must be created at the level of assemblies, sub-components and parts for prototype phase, pre-series phase and series phase and must be released by the client to be released if this is not waived. It includes a description of the dimensional and material test procedures before and after the various phases, which must be carried out.

In the context of product development projects we support you in the realization of your projects and we can support you with qualified and experienced staff.