Air conditioning system

The fresh air during combustion process has a significant influence on the key engine characteristics such as power, torque and also of course the emissions. In order to get a good reproducibility of the test results, it is necessary to be able to adjust the entry state of combustion air. Particularly for the simulation of the “turbocharging” on engines, the air conditioning is especially important.

Therefore, it is inevitable to control the combustion air in terms of the following parameters:

– temperature
– pressure and
– humidity

We would be pleased to support you to realize a specific air conditioning system, which would match exactly on your engine test bench to control temperature, pressure and humidity within your specified limits. With our solutions you will be kept continuously informed of the current state of your conditioned air in your system and you will get a very good reproducibility of your test results.


– stable test conditions
– reduced testing time
– integration into existing test bench environment
– wide range coverage
– easy-to-use
– low-maintenance