Doğu Motor has accomplished important achievements since its foundation in the year of 2011, in Istanbul. The business environment of Istanbul in which Doğu Motor works on the automotive engineering and engine development, was both very supportive and arduous. The proximity to a very dense automotive network was a very good advantage; however because of the long established companies in the same environment it could become a challenging disadvantage.

Among the recent accomplishments of Doğu Motor, we see the development of a single-cylinder-research-engine for passenger car and commercial vehicle applications, some new engine concepts such as variable-compression-ratio (VCR) engines or low-friction engines and a rapid extension in the customer portfolio. These important achievements confirm Doğu Motor in its belief that the focus of work as well as the issues dealt with are viable.

The main policy of Doğu Motor is to offer profound and holistic services which meet the needs of our customers. In the following pages you will find information about our services and products. We hope they will be informative for you. For further information and questions please contact us by e-mail or phone.