Due to the increasing use of alternative energy for producing electricity, there is an increasing demands for reliable, flexible and environment friendly power generation. Electricity and heat guided CHP is a perfect approach to fulfil this demands. If CHP are used to produce electricity at peak demands only, their electric efficiency has a much higher priority compared to heat guided CHP’s.

Doğu Motor has developed a concept for small to medium power CHP’s which offers a significant increase in efficiency. This is realized by an innovative way of using exhaust heat for reforming natural gas or bio gas into a fuel with higher energy content. For this approach, Doğu Motor uses an optimized engine concept to gain a maximum heat recovery and avoids problems relating to the ignition properties of the new fuel. Compared to standard stoichiometrical Gas CHP’s, the efficiency will rise about 20 percent.

Besides the engine technology, Doğu Motor offers special approaches for desulphating and water separation. The Doğu Motor approach for desulphating enables unlimited runtime without exchanging absorber materials, thus saving time, cost and space. The gas drying method of the Doğu Motor enables increased efficiency by higher exhaust gas temperatures and avoids the consumption of fresh water for reforming.