The CAD (Computer Aided Design) applications are not used only for technical drawings. They are very useful for design process. With the specialized CAD applications three-dimensional volume models are created. From the basic work on CAD systems two or even three-dimensional drawings can be created and also visualizations of moving objects can be derived.

CAD software has a substantial importance in all subject areas in which constructions should be developed for use: for example, in plant, machinery, automobile, and shipbuilding. The design work processes without CAD systems are virtually no longer conceivable. To ensure error-free assemblies it is recommended to generate all components including standard parts in 3D and also to display it online.

Thus all the information, calculations and processes about:

– manufacturing
– computation and calculation
– assembly -/ digital mock-up
– production scheduling
– bill of material
– stockkeeping

are realized in CAD systems. Released 3D data will be used to create manufacturing documents. Especially investigations for different versions arise from the 3D design are resulted in significant time and cost savings.

In figure is shown a 4-cylinder cylinder-crankcase as blank and the models for the casting.

The shown cylinder crankcase as finished part and the prefabricated finishing models.